A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary by J. R. Clark-Hall

By J. R. Clark-Hall

Если Вы знаете английский, то с помощью это краткого словаря, который кстати достаточно объемный, можно прочесть в оригинале, например, Беовульфа или другое англосаксонское произведение. Очень полезно для филологов и не только.

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Even so; sucking babes are not more dependent on those who guide them than we who are of larger growth, and who may now be said to possess the stature without the knowledge of men. " shouted the scout, who did not spare his open laughter, though instantly checking the dangerous sounds he indulged his merriment at less risk of being overheard by any lurking enemies. "You are as much off the scent as a hound would be, with Horican atwixt him and the deer! William Henry, man! " Before the stranger could make any reply to this unexpected proposition, another horseman dashed the bushes aside, and leaped his charger into the pathway, in front of his companion.

Evidently: évidemment, de manière évidente, de façon évidente. farther: plus loin. geese: oies. honesty: honnêteté. immovable: immobilier, fixe. impatiently: de manière impatiente, de façon impatiente. indifferent: indifférent, impartial. inquire: enquérir, demander, nous enquérons, vous enquérez, s'enquièrent, m'enquiers, enquérezvous, t'enquiers, se renseigner. moss: mousse. positively: de façon positive, de manière positive. repeated: répétâtes, répétas, répétai, répétâmes, répéta, répétèrent, répété, redîmes, redirent, redîtes, redit.

Le Subtil knows the path to the great lakes, and he can find the bones of his fathers," was the answer of the unmoved runner. "Enough, Magua," said Heyward; "are we not friends? Why should there be bitter words between us? Munro has promised you a gift for your services when performed, and I shall be your debtor for another. Rest your weary limbs, then, and open your wallet to eat. We have a few moments to spare; let us not waste French acquainted: renseignai, informèrent, renseignâtes, renseigné, renseignâmes, renseignèrent, renseigna, informâtes, informas, informâmes, informai.

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