A defense of rule : origins of political thought in Greece by Stuart Gray

By Stuart Gray

"At its middle, politics is all approximately relatives of rule. consequently one of many imperative preoccupations of political conception is what it capability for people to rule over each other or proportion in a means of ruling. whereas political theorists are inclined to regard rule as an important evil, this publication goals to provide an explanation for how rule don't need to be understood as anathema to political lifestyles. relatively, through a few of the earliest Read more...

summary: "At its middle, politics is all approximately family of rule. hence one of many primary preoccupations of political concept is what it potential for humans to rule over each other or proportion in a strategy of ruling. whereas political theorists are inclined to regard rule as an important evil, this booklet goals to give an explanation for how rule don't need to be understood as anathema to political lifestyles. quite, by means of the various earliest traditions of political notion we will reconsider rule in ways in which evoke stewardship instead of domination. grey argues that hierarchical rules approximately rule coevolved with political divisions among the human and non-human in western concept. The earliest discernible Greek proposal complicated an instrumental courting among people and their surroundings, a place that has endured into our present age. whereas this turns out a defensible place, this e-book issues out that such instrumental understandings of the nonhuman international have got us into critical difficulty, together with difficulties of deforestation, worldwide warming, emerging sea degrees, species loss, and top oil. To reconsider the idea that of rule, the ebook turns to early Indian political concept that implies that rule is a dating predicated on stewardship. The e-book compares those traditions of concept to be able to recommend that we have got a normative responsibility to the surroundings, and therefore to behave in a fashion that takes the pursuits of non-human nature into consideration. Basing his argument on his personal unique translations of fundamental assets in old Greek and Sanskrit, the writer indicates while and the way early strategies of rule developed to justify divisions among the human and nonhuman. In doing so, he argues for a reconsideration of our tasks towards the nonhuman flora and fauna"

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As I argued in the Preface, the concept of rule has traditionally been characterized by hierarchical relationships between both human and nonhuman beings. On top of this, the fact that kingly rule (or monarchy) is the most pervasive ruling structure in early Greek and Indian political thought raises the concern that these traditions express inherently non-​modern, and thus 17 Introduction • 1 7 potentially irrelevant, understandings of what rule can mean in a contemporary context. While this is a pertinent concern, examining divergent developments in the meaning of kingly rule in ancient Greece and India will shed new light on each tradition, and in doing so, will supply insights that serve as a basis for critical engagements with contemporary thought and practice.

12). As Macdonell and Keith (1967, 2:216) explain, in later texts rājanya is generally replaced by the term kṣatriya as a designation for a member of the ruling class. Finally, the term kṣatriya refers to a king and warrior, the ruling social group, or a family to which a king or ruler belongs. To summarize, while the terms rājan, rājanya, and kṣatriya can all refer to a king or ruler in some capacity, one must remember that the earliest human rulers—​referred to as patis • I n t r o d u c t i o n 2 0 (lords, fathers) of various sorts—​are transient tribal chiefs and guardians, and not permanent, institutionalized kings.

I maintain, however, that this approach should not be equated with any particular method. Historical-​comparativists should be skeptical about the interpretive rigidity that can be induced by strictly following a particular methodology or adopting a methods-​centered position in general. Such single-​method approaches generally imply that a particular methodology has the power to validate or invalidate the conclusions of any given study. Here I agree with Bevir insofar as I do not believe any specific methodology has the power to achieve this level of authority over its objects of study.

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