Actors and Activists: Performance, Politics, and Exchange by David A. Schlossman

By David A. Schlossman

This scholarly paintings appears on the factor of politics and function in the US this day with specific recognition paid to performances produced by means of activists, the NEA 4, and "Miss Saigon".

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Moreover, the State has a vested interest in "the propensity of its citizens to mobilize or be mobilized for collective action" and understands that both "high" and "popular" art affect the mobilization of citizens (Becker, Art Worlds 166). The State may therefore inhibit artistic activity it finds threatening with sanctions ranging from denying artists resources to 38 Actors and Activists imprisoning and executing art world participants. Moreover, such actions by the State do not merely encourage or inhibit artistic activity, but shape its conventions and interpretations (Becker, Art Worlds 188).

V. City of West Palm Beach. "' The court ruled in favor of the musical's producers, viewing the city official's standards as arbitrary and an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment. In the body of the ruling, Circuit Judge Goldberg stated that "It is settled law that theatrical productions can be staged under the protective cupola of the First Amendment," and offered Schacht v. ' So, an activist, a participant in a clearly political social world, succeeded in defending his blurring of the conventions of political and performance worlds.

V. Finley show that artists cannot look to the legal system to protect their freedom, cases from the Dred Scott case to Bush v. " 24 Actors and Activists Schacht v. United States offers empirical evidence that politics and performance-including mainstream, institutional performance worldscan and do influence one another. Yet, one need not look only to such dramatic events as a Supreme Court case to discover the interconnection of politics and performance. N o matter how much conservative aestheticians protest, performance institutions constantly interact with the rest of society.

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