Advanced Polymer Chemistry by Chanda

By Chanda

This quantity employs a realistic, problem-solving method of knowing the particular chemistry, kinetics and mechanisms of polymer synthesis. It offers a complete research of the equipment of synthesis and methods of characterization special to polymers. There are over 2000 equations, literature references, drawings, illustrative examples, routines, and worked-out difficulties and solutions to enhance crucial options mentioned during the textual content.

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The restrictions imposed by short range steric interactions upon the conformations of a polymermolecule occur at a local level in short sequences of chain segments. 1). Such interdependent steric restrictions affect the local chain conformationsall along a polymerchain and have a significant effect upon chain dimensions. 1 Effects of bondrotation uponthe conformationof n-butane molecule. 46 Ch~pte~2 1 3 ---~ CH H H (a) H H H/~H 4(~H3 4 ~ cH3 H H cH3 (b) (~.. 2 Newmanand "saw horse" projections for n-butane.

In between these two extremes of amorphous and crystalline polymers there is a wide spectrum of polymeric materials with different degrees of 43 44 Chapter2 crystallinity and amorphouscharacter. These are called semico,stalline. In the cases cited above, two opposing factors appear to be in operation, namely, those that favor strong intermolecular bonding forces and structural regularity contributing to a higher degree of crystallinity and those that favor weak intermolecular bonding forces and structural irregularity contributing to a higher degree of amorphous character.

Thus (XXII) is namedas poly(styreneco-methyl methacrylate) or poly(methyl methacrylate-co-styrene), depending on which of the monomersis the major component (if there is one). , poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) (XXIII) C~2- CFt- CH2-C. ~ O-CH 3 ~ CFI2- CH-CFI-CH-CFI 2- CH -CH- CFI - CH2 - CFI -CFI -CH ~ ~ CO CO "0" CO CO "O" (x~) CO CO "0" Introductory Conceptsand Definitions 39 Graft copolymers of A and B monomers are named poly(A-g-B) poly -graft-poly B with the backbone polymer -(-A-)n- mentioned before the branch polymer.

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